Are you the type of person who needs a touch out of life? Do you like something that has symbolism or deep meaning?

If so, you will likely be the long-term owner of a desirable and best thumb rings!

In seriousness, I think we forget pretty pinkie rings when it involves wearing rings. But thumb rings are another ring to stay on your hand.

While most people wear it as a fashion statement, for many people thumb ring represents some sentiment.

There is an aesthetic in symbolism and even better that is unique to every person. Thumb ring tells a story, and you use it to inform you.

So now I have convinced you to think about having a thumb ring, but when buying the simplest thumb rings you have to understand all the ins and outs.

Should you choose a less expensive ring?

I’ll crack it for you so you get an honest idea if ​​you want a thumb ring.

Top Pick
Milgrain Marquise

1. Milgrain Marquise and Dot Diamond Eternity Ring

  • Two different shapes
  • SI2 clarity grade
  • 14k rose gold

Here is one of those ever popular vintage milgrain designs.

But with this ring, you get a combo of two different shapes, both round, and marquise.

What’s really interesting about this design is the incontrovertible fact that you do not get two different diamond shapes, but the shapes are molded within the 14k rose gold.

The important diamonds in this band are of an SI2 (slightly included) clarity grade, which is sweet for diamonds that tiny and which is colorless.

Diamonds with these specs will sparkle alright. This tiny ring will make a superb vintage stackable ring on the thumb and appears excellent with both alloy and yellow gold bands.

This is an eternity ring for a couple on the list. Because stones go around the ring, you won’t be ready to catch.

Metal14k rose gold
Height2.1 mm
Width2.9 mm
FitComfort fit


  • Popular vintage milgrain design
  • Scratch-free
  • Two mixed shapes, marquise and round
  • Genuine diamonds


  • Milgrain beads could irritate
  • Can not be resized

2. Diamond Chevron Stackable Fashion Ring

Diamond chevron ring

Classic chevron thumb ring

  • Scratch-free
  • Comfort-fit
  • 14k rose gold

This popular design gives us a pure version of the classic chevron thumb ring.

But instead of being handmade with copper or an antique alloy, Blue Nile is trading for this classy 14k gold diamond ring..

It is a perfect combination for someone who loves tradition but wants to redefine the thumb rings with sophistication.

The Blue Nile offers this same ring in rose gold and alloy also, allowing some tri-tone stackable thumb rings if you so choose.

Note that you may have trouble finding other bands that can thank Chevron Look. At 1.3 mm, the three bands would not be too wide and would not disturb the functionality of the thumb.

Metal14k rose gold
Height1.5 mm
Width1.5 mm
FitComfort fit


  • Scratch-free
  • Simply pave diamonds
  • low price


  • 1 clarity for small stones
  • Yellow gold not for everyone

3. 14K White Gold Milgrain Bezel Set Diamond Ring

White Gold Rings

True eye-turner design

  • Premium quality
  • 14K white gold
  • F-G color

This gorgeous little wedding band is usually a true eye turner design. This particular diamond thumb ring holds many trends popular in jewelry today.

There is a high demand for vintage detailing within the jewelry industry, which is why vintage designers like Neil Lane and Vera Wang are so popular.

When I inspect it, these bands were the outstanding purchase for both anniversary rings and stackable bands.

The downside with vintage detailing is that it is often hard to match with and therefore the texture could bother your other fingers.

This diamond ring is a better-preserved diamond due to its setting. Personally, I don’t like the bezel settings because it’s an excessive amount of metal but I prefer more sparkle than metal.

But, I cannot argue that it is better to secure the stones so that they do not lose.

Metal14K white gold
Width1.55 mm


  • Better protected diamonds
  • Trendy infinity halo design
  • 14K white gold


  • ​Bezel set is more expensive
  • Rougher texture of milgrain

4. KOHOTA 6PC​S Simple​ Adjustable Rings

KOHOTA thumb rings

A Cheap Set Of 6 thumb rings

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Silver color

KOHOTA offers this really inexpensive set of 6 thumb rings. This is a great value because most of our rings on it are over $ 100 for just one!

Believe that, this set of thumb rings is most beneficial for someone who hasn’t experimented with the art of the thumb ring and may want to try an inexpensive set before the big leagues.

But, I need to warn you, this is often a group that may not be the best for the future. I like that you don’t need to tell us about the size of the ring, but adjustable thumb rings can demonstrate a problem.

Although it is made of a metal like copper, bending and adjusting over time will weaken the metal can also be deformed.

This set of rings is not plated with gold, they are simply painted with gold colors which will undoubtedly fade over time.

Ring sizeAdjustable


  • Set of 6 different designs
  • Adjustable ring size
  • Cheap


  • Copper
  • Might be bulky for some

5. Classic Best Thumb Rings & Wedding Band

best thumb rings

Good customer track record

  • Comfort fit
  • 14k yellow gold
  • Many color

My top pick for a thumb ring is a marriage ring!

Blue Nile makes a perfect and straightforward 14kt gold wedding ring that cannot be beaten.

They offer the band in yellow gold, alloy, rose gold, or platinum, so you’ve got many color options to select.

This is a 2mm band, which may not be too complicated for someone who likes a good band.

It will look great with other thumb rings whether they have gems or diamonds or not. This ring can be used for men or women.

There is nothing about it other than width, but a thin band is easy on the thumb anyway.

Metal14k yellow gold
Width2.0 mm
FitComfort fit


  • This is a simple versatile ring
  • Unisex
  • Solid 14kt/18kt gold or platinum
  • Good customer track record


  • May be too thin for men