If you were to steer into a fine jewelry retailer store at the mall and ask about silicone rings, the sales associates would probably turn their noses up at you and say they do not carry them.

And this is often true; most fine jewelry stores don’t carry silicone rings.

This is just because they do not want to sell them.

A jewelry store’s goal is to urge you to spend extra money so that they can reach their sales goals.

Luckily, you do not need to affect a jewelry retailer to find out about silicone rings.

Once you read my review of the simplest silicone wedding rings on the market, you’ll understand that there are tons more to silicone rings than meets the attention.

Top Pick
Silicone Wedding Rings

1. Enso Rings Women’s & Men’s Ultralite Silicone Rings

Modernized Look 

  • Many Styles And Colors
  • Double-Banded Design
  • lightweight 

One of the foremost popular trends with silicone rings is that the couples that want matching bands.

Sometimes the library of silicone wedding rings on the web is often quite daunting with many various styles and colors.

Also takes all the guesswork out of women’s and men’s rings and provides us a unisex ring during a sort of color.

Instead of a clear straight design, these rings choose a rather modernized look with its double-banded design.

The Ultralite technology makes this particular silicone more lightweight than your average silicone ring. the worth of those Enso rings isn’t bad in the least, though is that the mid-range for silicone rings.

Taking into consideration that Enso Rings offers a lifetime guarantee with the ring, that’s an enormous point compared to other competitors. That alone is a superb reason to shop for an Enso ring.


  • Unisex for couples
  • Variety of colors
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Limited amount of colors
  • Dirt gets into grooves

2. ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Rings

Thunder fit silicone Rings

ThunderFit bands

  • Popular Brand
  • Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic

ThunderFit may be a popular brand when it involves silicone wedding bands.

While silicone bands don’t tend to place too big a dent within the wallet, there are silicone rings that will assist you to get the foremost out of your dollar.

ThunderFit bands are sold individually or as a 4 pack for fewer than $15! What a steal. they provide their men’s silicone rings in several colors including various degrees of metal finish.

ThunderFit silicone rings offer premium silicone the best for avoiding accidents like ring avulsion and amputation. they’re hypoallergenic and excellent for anyone who works in a neighborhood they can not wear a metal band.

Keep in mind that these bands are 10mm, which is 2mm quite most of the broader men’s rings. this might be too wide for tons of individuals.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Option for 4 pack
  • Safe for an active lifestyle
  • Reputable brand


  • Gold plating may wear off

3. ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men



  • Natural-Looking
  • Wedding Rings
  • Many Colors

I love these silicone wedding rings from ROQ. These are awesome because initially glance, you cannot even tell they’re made from silicone.

ROQ may be a perfect example of a silicone ring brand that wants you to possess a spread.

And, being a four-pack option, you’ve got the selection of various looking metal bands, even ones with color.

I just can’t recover from the choices you’ve got with all the various colors. I’m just super excited about it. I’d always thought silicone rings were gray looking, but these color combos are so awesome, yet natural-looking.


  • Looks like a Metal Band
  • 4 Pack or Single
  • Variety of Styles


  • No bright colors or unique designs
  • Thicker than average silicone band (2mm)

4. SafeRingz Metallic Silicone Wedding Ring


Lovely Silicone Rings

  •  Vivid and Classy
  • Brushed Look
  • Many Color Choice

Straight from the inventors of the silicone wedding ring, Saferingz brings us a group of lovely silicone rings all complete with a brushed look.

I really admire the silicone rings that employment hard to pretend they are not silicone. the colors during this set a really vivid and classy.

This wedding ring comes during a 6mm width, which makes it a pleasant middle ground to be employed by both men and ladies.

Suffering is additionally a reputable brand for silicone rings since they came up with the thought.

Also, once you purchase from Saferingz, some of your purchase is donated to the troops.

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  • 6mm width for both men and women
  • Makers of the Silicone Ring
  • Brushed finish to look like metal
  • Variety of colors


  • Mid-range pricing
  • Sizing is off
  • The restocking fee for a new size

5. QALO Women’s Thin Stackable Silicone Ring Collection

​QALO Silicone Ring

Qalo Pretty Awesome

  • Stackable Bands
  • Full-Eternity-Setting
  • Easy to Use

I couldn’t help but round out our top 5 without mentioning a female set of silicone rings.

These silicone rings for ladies from Qalo are pretty awesome.

Instead of the normal width, you’re wont to seeing in silicone rings, these bands are so thin that they will be stackable.

Stackable bands are all the craze in jewelry trends recently and it’s really cool that ladies who can’t wear metal bands can have a neighborhood therein trend.

Qalo also makes it fun in several styles like braided, step edge, chevron, and straight.

Each color is depicted as a birthstone, which also allows them to not only be a marriage band but mother’s rings also.

Brand, Seller, or Collection NameEPIRORA
Metal Stamp0.925


  • A great option for women
  • Birthstone colors


  • Mid-range price        
  • Can’t stack more than 3 comfortably